Ben Thomson

Nassau County freelance web developer, among other things.

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I’m a web developer and SEO specialist with an interests in business and all things mechanical. When I’m not programming or studying, I often tinker with my 1992 Chevy Camaro and various metalworking and electronics projects. Currently, I’m working on Turbo Detail, a web app that helps auto detailers manage and grow their business.

I also make apps for fun on Android and iOS.

In the past, I’ve had a radio station, a font deals website, and a music sharing service.

I thought you designed websites! Why does your site look like it's from 1997!?
Simply put, I've come to appreciate the simple and concise nature of websites with minimal stylistic elements that mainly bloat the page size. This approach makes sense for a personal website, and I adopt the most logical design philosophy for each project.
You can check out some of my projects here >>