I like to keep my hands busy with mechanical and other constructive projects. Usually, that translates to not leaving well enough alone.

Boston Whaler Sport 13

I bought this 1967 Boston Whaler Sport 13 in 2014. Although in sound shape, I refinished all of the mahogany with epoxy and varnish, as well as painted the inside of the boat. I also replaced all controls and steering, and fabricated a custom jackplate to raise the outboard out of the water further for bit more top speed. The boat came with a 1980 Mercury 40HP two stroke outboard. As with any outboard of that era, reliability was not its strong suit. I ended up rebulding the carburetor and chasing down numerous electrical gremlins. All that said, the boat gave me great enjoyment and plenty of fish and the tempermental outboard was part of its charm.

1992 Chevrolet Camaro RS

I bought this 1992 Camaro in 2016 from the nephew of the original owner, who took excellent care of it throughout its 125,000 miles. The interior was all original red (no kidding!) with a cheap repaint on the body. I found out firsthand that the "RS" trim stands for "reliably slow" with its 305 TBI truck engine. The engine never died on me, but accelerating on to the highway was not an exhilarating experience. While I owned the car, I decided to improve its suspension, braking, and handling. I first installed a "wonder bar," which ties the two parallel front frame rails together. Then I had subframe connectors welded in. These greatly improved the chassis rigidity and handling. Then, I replaced the entire front suspension including control arms, struts, and steering linkages. I also bought custom brackets to fit C5 Corvette brakes and rotors to the front wheels.