Turbo Detail

A micro B2B SaaS

Since I owned a 1992 Camaro, I became very interested in keeping it clean and shiny and became interested in auto detailing. I stumbled into a few online communities where people were very passionate about detailing their own cars as well as other peoples’ cars. This resulted in a number of people starting their own one-person businesses offering detailing services to people in their neighborhood.

After speaking with a few of these people, and with my own familiarity of detailing, I realized that there was very specific information needed by detailers to properly quote jobs and run their business. Over the summer of 2017, I started a small B2B SaaS called Turbo Detail.

Turbo Detail was a web based application that allowed detailers to create custom quoting pages they could send potential customers to and provided the information and structure they needed to properly quote the service, much better than general purpose business management software.

I had some mild success with the product and a small but dedicated group of users. I was ultimately unable to keep up with other SaaS developers and closed it down after a few years.